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UTAH VALLEY (in-person)

Teenagers in Park
Movie set with director

Directing Beginner Level

Directing a beginning level can be an exciting and challenging experience. The key to success is communication. It is important to have a clear vision  and to communicate it to the cast and crew.

3 Classes of 60 mins each.

Max 9 people. $250 Total



1) Introduction to directing: What is a director? Myth and Reality. Director of of Movies, Docs, Tv Shows and Commercials.

2) The importance of script analysis and how to break down a script to understand its structure and meaning. (Breaking down a famous script or partial of a famous script).

3) Learn about character development and how to create compelling and believable characters that resonate with audiences.


4) Visual Language: In this section, you'll learn about the various elements of visual storytelling, "Thinking by frames".

5) Working with Actors: This section will cover the fundamental skills of working with actors, such as casting, rehearsing, and delivering feedback. You'll also learn how to communicate with actors to bring out their best performances and how to build a collaborative relationship with the cast.


7) The importance of collaboration and teamwork in the directing process, and how to work effectively with actors, crew, and other creative professionals.

8) Each candidate will record with a digital camera a scene (from a famous movie) for his/her Demoreel.

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