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Free Acting Course (for Teens between 13 to 17 years old and)




1 Day (45 minutes, no brake)


About the Course

This is a free introdction course to Directing. It is for evrybody above 18 years old, any experience for any reason you may have. I will start from zero and expand into what the extended courses will contain.

This free introduction will go around these key points:

  1. What a Film, Tv, Docuemntary and Commercial direcctor does.

  2. What to aspect vs stereotypes.

  3. In what to invest; school, equipment, producing, PR, supporting Intership.

  4. Mitakes to Avoid

Your Instructor

Leonardo Corbucci

Leonardo is a working director, producer, screenwriter and editor. He is an international Award winner of Festivals and different filmmaker awards. He spent all his life in Hollywood, and he comes from an historical film business family from Italy. He loves working with kids (he also worked with Disney in kid shows). To check his last movies please type Leonardo Corbucci into

Leonardo Corbucci
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